VIN Entry To RAV - Finalised Fitment

In line with RVS legislation, we have adjusted an aspect of Tough Dog GVM upgrades to ensure compliance is absolutely met.

The adjustment is on the back of the VIN entry had within the Register of Approved Vehicles Search (RAV). It is a requirement of the legislation that the VIN be entered into the RAV at the time of the upgrade being 'finalised'. See an excerpt from the Department below:

This means once the fitment of the upgrade has been completed, we at Tough Dog will be alerted to make the entry of the VIN to the RAV, as well will have confirmation of the Finalised Fitment.

The VIN will be entered into the RAV within one (business) day, of which will then allow for registration of the vehicle to take place.

It should be noted that it can take up to one (business) day for the department to have the VIN uploaded to the RAV, which may see the whole process taking up to two (business) days before recognition of the VIN is had within the RAV as an SSM component for any given vehicle.

It is absolutely emphasised here as to how important this part of the process is with regards to the fitting of the GVM upgrade. If the finalised fitment stage is not covered and received via the portal, it could mean the vehicle will be registered without the SSM GVM upgrade being recognised at the time of vehicle being registered.

If the vehicle does happen to be registered without the VIN being entered into the RAV, it will create a dilemma for all concerned. The only possible means to unregister the vehicle so as to enable the Federal pre-registration recognition of the GVM is had via the RAV, is to carry out consultation with that states' transport department. To do this will take time and resources at this end, and may incur a fee of $145.00 to the fitting station.

The finalised fitment of the process is not a new process and may fitting stations are very good when it comes to this aspect of the process. However, there have been some instances where finalised fitments have not been forthcoming or extensively delayed, hence a reason for this bulletin being written and forwarded.

Should you have further questions with regards to this matter, please contact either Greg or Elke (Tough Dog GVM upgrade department).
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