Difference Between Ram 1500 DS and DT

An aspect for any Tough Dog GVM upgrade fitting station ( and non-GVM upgrade) is understanding the difference between a Ram 1500 DS and 100 DT model.

At present, the only Tough Dog upgrade in place for the Ram 1500 is for the DS model variant, but we have received orders and enquiries for the DT model variant. On this basis, it is important to understand the difference in the two models.

Here is particulars to help you identify either model:

When an IPA compliance plate (pre SVI marking) is fitted, this will designate being either a DS or DT model.

When the vehicle has an SVI marking fitted, the RAV entry will designate the vehicle being either a DS or DT model.

When viewing each model, there is quite a difference in the overall look of both models:



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