GWM Cannon / P-Series Suspension Release

The team from Tough Dog Suspension are pleased to announce that after plenty of research and development, we can now advise the world that we have new suspension kits for the GWM Cannon / P-Series from 2019 onwards.

We have developed a foam cell and a 9 stage adjustable foam cell shock option for the front and rear of the Cannon. This is matched with an option of coil springs in the front for no accessories or a steel bullbar with or without a winch and leaf springs complementing a 0-300KG, constant 300KG or constant 500KG load in the rear. With these options, there will be a combination that suits your needs.

The GWM Cannon is aimed directly at the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux in Australia and is based on the P71 separate chassis platform which is also under the Haval H9 4x4 wagon. In Australia, the Cannon is equipped with a leaf spring rear end to ensure a one-tonne payload and at least a 3000KG maximum braked towing capacity. 

The team at Tough Dog have focused on the ride quality with and without loads. In order to be able to offer the best solution, they have created many prototypes with unique spring and valve combinations that will offer a supple and compliant ride over any terrain. During evaluation of the OEM suspension, the team experienced front bottoming out at low speeds and by raising the front by approximately 50mm, this bottoming out effect has been addressed.  

Some of the developments that the team have highlighted are:

  1. Specific Coil Rates: Coil rates that are specifically used when there are no accessories and a different coil if there is a steel bullbar or bullbar and winch fitted.

  2. Shock Absorbers: The team has expanded on the 9 stage adjustable shock absorbers, offering the unique internal oil bypass control for a dialled in ride. Both the foam cell and the 9 stage adjustable are long travel in design, whilst not compromising ABS and brake line components.

  3. Centre Bearing Spacer: This was designed so the rear drive shaft is placed at the optimum working angle once lifted. This must be fitted with all the Tough Dog lift kits.

All of the products available for the GWM Cannon is covered by Tough Dog's 4 year, unlimited kilometre recreational warranty or our 3 year unlimited commercial warranty will give you total peace of mind that your product will go the distance and then some.  Our GWM Cannon / P-Series kits are available now!
Get yours today from your nearest Tough Dog dealer, or by visiting our website.

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