Introduction to RSVA

We would like to bring to your attention a new system of Federal compliance and certification for all new (pre-registration) vehicles within Australia, whether they be the original/first stage (FSM) manufacturer or second stage manufacturer (SSM).
The new system of Federal certification is named Rover and comes under the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA). You can view a demonstration feature on the new system here:
The roll out of certifications via Rover has begun and will continue to do so over the next 6-9 months.
Under Rover, approvals under RVSA will be known as a Vehicle Type Approval (VTA)
Presently, all (except Ram 1500 DS) Tough Dog SSM GVM Upgrade approvals are using the outgoing system of Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (MVSA), but these approvals will be moved to being a VTA under Rover in the next few months. The Ram 1500 DS GVM upgrade is already a recognised VTA within Rover.
With regard to the new system (Rover), there is a certain system of compliance to be met.
An aspect of such compliance for Tough Dog GVM Upgrade fitting stations  to take on board and understand relates to what is known as the SSM IPA plate (or compliance plate). The new system of Rover sees a change of ADR (61/03) and details relating to this plate. Replacement of the SSM IPA plate (or compliance plate) is now known as a Secure Vehicle Identification (SVI) marking.
Here is a sample of the SVI marking:

Appropriate details which populate the SVI marking based on Tough Dog pre-registration GVM Upgrades are derived from the particulars outlined within any pre-registration GVM upgrade order received via the portal.
Further to this aspect, the VIN and other relevant particulars of the vehicle are submitted by 4 Way Suspension directly to the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV).
The RAV is a very finicky system, and as a result, the details we enter must be true and accurate, otherwise a non-approval will take place for that VTA.
With regard to the entry of the recorded build date, the date can not be forwarded/future dated.
Additionally, under the legislation it is stipulated that a RAV submission can only occur when the vehicle:
  • Manufacture is complete
  • Is covered by a type approval
  • Is in Australia
  • Complies with the requirements of the RVSA legislation
For compliance to be met on the above aspects, we can ONLY accept an image of the original IPA/compliance plate or SVI marking when orders are placed in the portal. On this basis, if an image from a car dealership system, or any other image/s are received from another source other than the original IPA/compliance plate or SVI marking, the received order will be rejected.
It is also important to note, if a forward/future date is provided (based on month only) in an order via the portal, entries for the SVI marking and RAV submission will not take place until the start of that month. In turn, the outcome had will be if an order is placed with a forward/future build date, the GVM upgrade kit will not be despatched until the month of the build date.
On the back of this new procedure relating to providing an image of the original IPA/compliance plate or SVI marking when orders are placed in the portal under RSVA (Rover), whilst a vehicle approval is derived under MVSA (Previous system), 4 Way Suspension will no longer accept an image from a car dealership, or any other image/s received from another source than the original IPA/compliance plate or SVI marking.

Under the new Rover compliance and certification system for new (pre-registration) vehicles, new approvals will now be known as Vehicle Type Approvals (VTA). 
Only an original compliance plate image will be accepted on the GVM order in the Portal.
If the date of upgrade is in a future month, 4 Way Suspension will not order the new plate until the beginning of the month.
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