LandCruiser 78 & 79 Approval Change

The change by Toyota relates to the Federal approval number, vehicle category and GVM rating, of which models will start filtering to Toyota dealers a little later in the year.
Below you will see details from Rover on the 70 series "new" approval number (was VTA-003477) and category (was NA).

The GVM at an OEM level goes from 3300-3400KG to 3510KG, hence the category change.
What does all of this mean for the Tough Dog 70 series GVM upgrade?
When there is a change in the OEM Federal approval number for any vehicle, a Second Stage Manufacturer (SSM) must follow suit due to the change. The result for Tough Dog is we must go through the same system of approval as we normally do for any new Federally approved GVM upgrade.
Yes, we have to start and go through the process all over again for the new variant of 70 series which will mean Tough Dog will not have a GVM upgrade available for a little while, but it should be noted all manufacturers/suppliers of GVM upgrades will be in the same boat.
How do I know what 70 series variant/s come under the new Federal approval?
For the time being, the change will only effect pre-registration GVM upgrades.
In line with the details of any vehicle via the VIN had on an SVI marking to the RAV, knowing what the Federal approval number is a key factor for knowledge.
Additionally, Rover provides a typical VIN for the updated model:

Be assured, we will do everything conceivable to have a replacement upgrade available ASAP, but ask you to bear with us until such time that a new Federally approved Tough Dog GVM upgrade for the 70 series is in place.


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