Shock Absorber Test - Outback Travel Australia

Photo Credit – Allan Whiting / Outback Travel Australia

As we all know, owning a 4 wheel drive creates an immense amount of flexibility and convenience. For the majority, 4 wheel drives are no longer just a form of transportation from point A to point B. They are used for work, a daily commuter and for your trips away!

With this being said, how do you ensure that the damping within your shock absorbers are up to the task of handling all conditions that you throw at it? Allan Whiting from Outback Travel Australia recently visited Tough Dog HQ with his mighty 75 Series Landcruiser, “Harry”. Along with a his trusty Kun26 Hilux to have adjustable shocks fitted and give his verdict on their performance and application.

“Most 4WDs spend their time relatively lightly loaded around town and fully loaded on bush trips. Trying to make a fixed-setting shock absorber handle both damping tasks isn’t easy: hence, the adjustable shock absorber”. – Allan Whiting.

Like Allan, if your load varies greatly, an adjustable shock absorber could be the answer you’re looking for. Available in both 40mm and 45mm internal bore sizes and with a nine-stage adjustable foot valve, adjustable shocks have a setting that will suit every application. 

The 75 was fitted out with Tough Dog 45mm adjustable shock absorbers, as chosen by Simon. The 70mm external diameter with 45mm internal bores and 22mm piston rods is sure to give the workhorse a new lease on life! Allan says, “Early impressions are more axle control when unladen and loaded – particularly at the back end – and flatter cornering.” Read the full report here.
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