Weekend Getaway - Turon National Park

Just 3 hours out of Sydney you will find a little piece of 4WD heaven called "Turon National Park". Whether you are feeling adventurous behind the wheel or looking for a weekend getaway with the family, Turon offers an array of options which will guarantee the excitement of any red blooded 4 wheel driver! River crossings, ruts, mud holes and of course pristine campsites to finish off your day on the tracks.

History buffs will also be intrigued as many reminders of the past can still be found within the national park. In 1891, gold was discovered which triggered a gold rush frenzy. The discovery resulted in thousands of miners who all flocked to the area. It's certainly hard to picture such a serene environment as a once thriving metropolis!

As for camping, bookings do apply and fees are applicable via NSW national parks. Although, at a $6 flat rate for groups up to 6 people - you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal! Multiple camp sites are available - The Diggings campground, Woolshed Flat campground and general camping along the Turon River.

There is no phone reception and limited amenities are available. With that being said, you are greeted to some picturesque landscapes, running streams, native animals and of course - fire pits. After a long day out on the tracks, is there anything better than kicking back in front of the bush telly?

Whilst challenges can be found within the park, you can essentially choose your own adventure. Good ground clearance, decent set of tyres, snorkel (if you are hitting those deeper crossings), a full tank of fuel and good company is really all you need.

Behind the helm of the Navara is Tough Dog's own adventure nut, Travis Keuneman. Trav's Navara is running our 40mm Foam Cell Adjustable kit, matched with coils to suit the weight of a bar up front and a 0-300KG comfort spring option in the rear. Overall a 35mm lift has been achieved. Combined with a set of 32" All Terrain tyres, its fair to say that this little rig serves as a fantastic medium for work duties all week and weekend warrior duties after hours!
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