XHD RTC steering damper

XHD RTC (Return to Centre) 4wd suspension

This damper is designed for those extreme use applications like vehicles with oversized tyres and large suspension lifts. Taking the principle of the return to centre damper to the extreme, this damper certainly packs a punch when it comes to straightening out your steering.

When a vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift greater than 100mm, the geometry of the front arms, and the length of travel required from the damper will change, requiring a larger, longer heavier duty damper. Our XHD dampers come will with all the brackets required to mount the damper as well as instructions on correct configuration of the coil and collar arrangement. Some modification may be required to ensure correct fit. Suitable for vehicles with a suspension lift of 4” / 100mm or more. Available for 80/100 series LandCruisers, Nissan Patrol GQ/GU & Ford F250 models. Tough Dog also offer their pioneer ‘SV’ adjustable steering damper in larger sized to suit vehicles with more than 100mm of lift. View the ‘SV’ damper here.
  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • Return-to-centre principle especially for oversize tyres
  • Eliminate shimmy and assist in blowouts
  • Reduced driver fatigue on long distance driving
  • 4 Year / unlimited km Recreational warranty (Conditions Apply)
  • 3 Year / unlimited km Commercial warranty (Conditions Apply)
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FRONT XHD RTC steering damper

REAR XHD RTC steering damper